A sad day for HL2


Well, since HL2 updated, all the glitches, bhop, flying, teleporting(sorta) and pistol charging, have been removed. I suggest that anyone who hasn’t logged into steam yet to get GCF Prep, and make a steamless copy of all their games.

On another subject, Cameron, foust, you guys wanna help o40, f3, and I to get these glitches working again?


Why does Valve hate speedrunners like the winter hates the summer? :’(


We make them look flawed? Just a guess.


I’ll just do a recompile of the old SDK code. They often take months to update that, then we can merge the new achievement and graphic changes.

EDIT: One of my friends hasn’t updated yet, ill get him to extract the old DLL files.

My backup drive still has all the old GCF files on it :smiley:


I think that this may have the possibility of a faster hl2 run. I think we can… get away with wallclimbing through most of the fly shortcuts, and coast with abh will look sweeeet. EP1… Probably faster, but I doubt as big a change as hl2 as it’s just from bhopping to abhing. EP1 doesn’t have many big open areas though, so I’m not sure D:


That sounds awesome Cameron :smiley: Keep us posted will ya ;D


Getting bunnyhopping and flying working again in Ep2 wasn’t too big of a deal. So I’m guessing we can do the same with HL2. Then again, do we even need to do it as long as we still have the binaries of the old game builds? I have both the dlls and gcfs of both HL2 and Ep1 on my drive since I didn’t grab the new update yet. Unless of course you want the graphical enhancement of the update and still have the glitches working. Then there’s no way around playing with the SDK.


I’m going to break something.

All I want to do is create a new SourceMod that mounts the HL2 content.
One would think that it would be as easy as changing the appid to load the content from to 220, but apparently not (Changing it to the EP2 id loads all the EP2 content happily)


There’s no way that you can get a faster Ep1 run with ABH-ing. The best way to compare bunnyhopping to ABH is comparing a motor cycle to say… A ROCKET. The motor cycle will beat a rocket over a short distance but once the rocket gets momentum the motorcycle might as well do one.

As for Hl2 there could definitely be some improvement in some of the area’s. Particularly the canals and coast. Something which me and now also Josh now know is that “Sharking” works with the Ep2 build. This means anywhere where the Hl2 run used flying to get over water you could just hold jump and you would skim across the surface of the water.


Now it’s really annoying me.

It will either load up all the HL2 content and not use the old DLL files, or it will load the old DLL’s and not any of the other content >_>


That’s pretty fucking gay. Anyway we could try to extract the glitch from the hl2 dll and compile it into ep2? Oh btw, has anyone had luck with blamod, it won’t load for me.


Probably needs to be recompiled with the updated code.

For some reason Operation Lambda doesn’t crash, but my custom set of DLL’s do (At the loading screen).

EDIT: Ahhh… OpLam doesn’t load the EP2 content…


This was a really stupid move on Valves part


What difference is it going to make to EVERYONE else?


Just another challenge to enjoy right?

Were the HL2dq and Ep1 runs done on Steam?

Were the HL2dq and Ep1 runs done on Steam?

If by that you mean the official updated versions at that point then: yes.


Ofcourse, seeing as how HL2 and EP1 both require steam to run.


You keep telling yourself that Jared.


I have a shitload of gcf-files from 2007-10-10. Just tell me if I might have something you need.

E: and all other ep2 files from same date.


Alright, thanks quad :smiley:

@Typical, Do you just make posts to raise your post count :expressionless: <3 tbh