A question about a glitch, and another glitch to watch


So in the current wr speedrun, a (twitch) user named JeSuisUneCarrotte did a glitch on chamber 6/7 that absolutely breaks my concept on how oob things work. (just to note, i have a 16:24, so i have a grasp on how oob should work). and i just cant seem to grasp how he does that. The glitch is preformed at 3:45.
A similar glitch is also performed on the same section by the portal done pro-er team. And I am friggin clue-less. I feel like this glitch could cut a couple minutes off my time because i am terrible at the usual exploits used on these two chambers. So if anyone could help. please. halp.

Now, if you dont have an answer, enjoy this visual glitch i found on a save glitch in 4-5.


If you interrupt your uncrouching animation by crouching again your camera will get stuck above where your hitbox is. This allows you to peek your head through ceilings and also allows you to fling and shoot a portal at the end of 07 from 06. http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Schrodinger’s_Crouch

EDIT: Tutorial by Norf on how to do the trick


Thank you. I actually figured that out about 2 minutes ago. I’m currently watching Noircats tutorial on how the pdi team did pdi. I feel like i have a LOT more glitches to learn before I can wr.