A little thought on wallclimbing

Hey guys. Just did some running and doing wallclimbing, and at one point while doing it my fps dropped for a second or two to about 20, then back up. In the time it dropped, my wallclimbing suddenly went MUCH faster. I’ve tried to recreate it using the fps_max command, but the minimum is 30. It does seem to make wallclimbing much better for me, even putting it at 60 so it’s playable is good. I think just a constant fps is much better for it.Thoughts? :smiley:

Wallclimbing is one of the weirdest exploits in Half Life. So I naturally hate it.The basics is simple. The opbject stays beneath and you keep jumping. It’s obvious that the outcome is that you go higher. So why is it that pressing jump or use faster doesn’t make it faster. There’s also little quirky things which speed it up. I’ve shot up walls for no reason while wall climbing.So my thoughts of the matter are simple. Grav jumping ftw!!!

My wallclimbing is pretty solid actually. It definitely depends on the object though. Barrels work great under a certain angle, but trash cans (the blue ones) are the best in general if you ask me. The key is to not look straight down but actually a little more to the wall your climbing up (an idea I got from plasma climbing in q3 :P). Obviously there’s a bit of luck involved, but that method usually gets me up best. I usually move the mouse around a bit until I get the boost and then continue with a constant angle. I’ve got a little test run of a segment from c17_01 if you wanna see what I mean. Uploaded it anyway - > bra. In essence, I’m not sure about the constant fps thing. Might be of course. I usually have a constant framerate, especially when I just look straight at a wall, so it actually might be what’s causing you to wallclimb faster.