A humble request revolving around a mod for Portal


Source Runs has created quite a few speed runs of source mods- Portal prelude, Half Life: Residual Life, Xeno project II, and even a mod FOR a mod. That being Black mesa: Uplink.
So me and my friend have been working on a segmented OoB speed run of Portal Unity, a very polished mod for Portal that nobody runs because OoB is so friggen weird. However, me and my friend were able to find 4 forms of re-entry (three of which are actually used in the run) and we’re about halfway through the run and we’ve already saved over 3 minutes off the previous WR by Morgoth.
Now, the point of all this being:
Me and my friend really want to get our names out there. I’m not great at single segment, well, anything, but I feel like I could be a HUGE help to this community routing and getting segments for stuff. My friend, on the other hand, is the executioner. Currently placed rank 3 on Aperture tag with a sexy 20:37.8, a 13:46 inbounds PB of Portal 1 and a 1:15 of Portal 2, he’s pretty much Source Runs material.
So my proposal is- once the run is finished, would the big shots be as kind as to post our run on Source Runs’ Youtube channel? I can guarantee you’ll be impressed by it. Here’s the trailer:
Thanks to whoever read this for their time,


Hi sunset, sourceruns takes speedrun submissions here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11IlnIp8JHXTu2CGNdZQ2OmM0pKNyM8CXJnZXgMuKl04/viewform


‘Speedrun submissions’ button can be found in large text at the top right of the site. Locked.

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