75% off Portal 2


I got 2 Coupons left for 75% off portal 2.
I have nothing to do with them at the moment since everybody i know already have it.
they have a limit, after august 30 they will disappear from my inventory.
If anybody wants them, just ask me on steam (my account name is bbmap, email: alexgilbert@yahoo.com), I’ll give one or even both coupons to you.
Please note that I won’t give you the game, just the coupon so that you can buy the game for 5$ instead of 20$. If you want it, make sure you buy it before August 30th or it will not work anymore.

After both coupons have been sent or won’t work anymore, feel free to delete/move this topic.


This is probably the worst place to ask :smiley:
However I have several people interested, if you like, you can send me your coupon and I can make other people happy :slight_smile:

cu, CBenni


I actually got 2 spare coupons, so you can make more people happy. add me as a friend on steam (bbmap) quickly, and make sure they buy before it wears off.


I’ll take one.


then you HAVE to be online when I come back from school this evening, because I will have like 30 minutes before going to work until midnight. I don’t know your timezone, but I am in -5 (quebec) and I will be online from 16h45 to 17h15.
good luck


I’m in the same time zone you’re in, and I won’t be home until ~3:45PM (16:45), then I have work until 9PM or so, so this should work out.