53 Degrees. It's Magical.


Hey guys. I was doing some testing. We all know wallstrafing, looking at a certain angle into the wall and gaining a speedboost from it for some reason. I decided to test and find the optimal angle for it. I’ve no idea why, but this angle is 53 degrees. Face into the wall, 53 degrees (You can test this by using cl_showpos 1), and you’ll find that you run exactly 50% faster. 320 running speed becomes 480. Very useful ^_^.

This applies to ep1, ep2 and hls. Most probably hl2 also, along with any mods for these games.


You forgot HL:S. :wink:

This applies to ep1, ep2 and hls.
ep1, ep2 and hls




What the hell is hls?



Fuck if I know.


In bold in the first result.


He was saying I should’ve put it as hl:s, not hls.


Optimal wallstrafe is around 10 degrees inwards the wall in hl1. 320 running speed becomes 480. Very useful ^_^.


I don’t really get what you mean by 53degrees Inex. The reason for why I quoted quadrazid is because he’s very close to the angle that I need to get 480; which is 8 degrees towards the wall if you’re facing the direction of the wall and the direction that you want to wallstrafe.

So if you look towards the direction that you want to wallstrafe, your shoulder should connect with the wall, then you should look 8 degrees into the wall - if your right shoulder connects with the wall then look 8 degrees to your right. Then you can leave your mouse and just wallstrafe until you reach 480.

Am I right? ???


Ya, there is different types of wallstrafe.
The real wallstrafe is walking forward and strafing against the wall (looking into it about 8* then)
Then there is another wallwalk that I think Inex is refeering to. You only use +forward and looking (53*?) into the wall.

Tada, both styles gives about 480+ u/s, but I find the usual wallstrafe easier to perform.


Oh right, I’d just been pressing forwards, didn’t realise that the other way would be more reasonable. I’m sure they amount to the same thing, but you’re right, 8 degrees will be better in being able to see more and… just generally better really.


yep, it just little easier. They are the exact same thing. forward + strafe gives 45*, 45+8= 53*

I find it strange that this glitch is around in HL² as well…


There are only two source games where it’s not in. L4D and TF2.


Interesting. Thanks for clearing that up! I didn’t really understand that inex meant that your weren’t suppose to strafe with his method so that’s a new “trick” to me… but I’ll stick to the good ol’ wallstrafe :slight_smile: