_2 demos

I’m at work now, but I remember last night noticing most of the _2 demos are missing. So, are they required for smooth map transitions?Does the game save immediately after the map has loaded and does demo recording begin immediately when the map has loaded if it’s started beforehand? And by “immediately” I mean during the very first frame.

Those are needed. Which reminds me, I still need to upload that on for my canals run :)- Gordon

They are needed, and I sent them to you along with the rest of the demos. They are with the saved game files unless you deleted them.

Yeah, thanks :slight_smile: I assume _2 demos were not known to be needed when Train Station was run?

Unfortunately yes.

Hey guys, for two of my City 17 runs, I have used a table gib, which allows you to fly/bunnyhop EXTREAMLY fast, and there is on of these just before the end of coast1 inside the little hut before the tunnel.- Gordon

Cool! I think we can rewind a few maps if it saves a considerable amount of time, if the trick is not too difficult.

I wouldnt mind seeing a demo of this new trick, upload it to hl2dq.staff@gmail.com if you can or just come on irc and send it to me :smiley:

It is just regular flying, but ouchy! It is hard to not fall off because you are going so fast :o- GordonEDIT: Who has access to that email account?Thanks,- Gordon

I have just emailed a save point with different pieces of fast flying wood. We now need to pick the best piece.Thanks,- Gordon

How much do you think it’ll save time and how many days would be needed per map?

I think first you might want to make a demo of running coast_03 with the trick before we restart the run, Pincus. To be honest I don’t know if it will work, and right now I’m not able to look at demos. You said that you go so fast it’s hard not to fall off. The trouble is, that is the case with any long flat piece of wood, and there is a limit as to how fast an object can go. The piece Lonerville used in all his demos was so effective because it had a bump on the end of the piece, so when you were about to fall off it auto-bumped you back and kept you on it (slowing you down at the same time).

If the time difference is marginal, I don’t think these “new” tactics should be used. People probably don’t want to see Half-Life 2: Flight Simulator.

The object accel trick is very hard to perform, but it only takes one person who can do it… So go ahead and start running coast_01 while we apparently are still waiting for coast_04 to be done in 28 seconds. ;)EDIT: This is the 100th post, yay!

The topic title includes the first map, too :stuck_out_tongue: .

I’ve already done so much flying with exactly what you’re talking about. First of all, you have to wait for the piece of the fence to fall flat which wastes time. Second, the initial flying before you are flung free is slower than bunnyhopping. You might save time on coast_03* this way, but I don’t know.I use this piece to get over one of the forcefields in coast_07 I think it was, by the way. Also, you can get the same kind of object accel on coast_04 if you grab the can of gas at the last second as you pass over it, but nobody seems to want to try it and I can’t do anything until I get back to school.

I bet you both did :)Anyway, as Max]I[muS-X rarely lies when he says something about tactics, I guess object accel trick at this point is not a very good time saver, is it?