15 entire level save glitch strat (never pass the first emancipation grill!)


Warning, its a little sloppy. I missed about 5 shots i wanna say. But i didn’t want to re-record it again. I just hope this is enough for people to get the just of it.


Decent route.

It would be easier and just as efficient to just start doing portal peeks once you’re past all the emancipation grills though.


If you wanted to do something like that you could just do the PDI saveglitch, not sure how hard it is but this okay. I’m sure you could optimize it quite a bit if you tried.


Yeah. I plan to optimize it. I just didn’t have the time yesterday. Will do that today.


My route

Edit: Video


nicely done. rather impressive.

yeah. im working on a strat that does that instead. been trying to make it faster then the current rout but i fear thats not possible. whatever though. if its not fast enough its not fast enough.



I feel like that would be impossible for non segmented.


The shots aren’t too precise so the only hard thing about that route is the pixel shot(which can be really annoying even if you don’t go for the portal bump).


I’ll mess around with it. See if I can get it. I don’t think I’ll be doing that today though.