100% Run


I saw that some people would enjoy a 100% run of half-life, So I started the topic and also made the recruiting. The current runners list is: Kaito Kid, Gocnak and Pineapple. I made a list of rules that I think everyone will agree with, as some were pretty obscure I also made a poll to make sure everyone agreed, if you got any objections please let me know.

  1. Every single hostile entity that can be killed without the use of cheats must be.
  2. Glitches/bugs can be used to kill some monsters, but if a glitch that could lead to killing an extra monster is discovered, it will be used as long as the segment including this part isn’t completed yet. If a glitch is found later, it is very likely that we won’t redo the entire run from this place just to use it.
  3. If a monster has infinite respawn, you must kill the first one only.
  4. if anything triggers infinite respawns, you must not activate it unless you have to (progression or monsters to kill).
  5. you can kill with weapons, worldspawn or make them kill each other, no matter the way you do it, if everyone ends up dead it’s alright.
  6. even if cockroaches are really ugly, they dont count as monsters, feel free to let them live. The same thing applies to leeches since it would be very hard to verify if they’re all dead.

If you want to join in, just casually try some specific segments or even help with the planning, just say so we’ll be happy, the more the merrier.


That wouldn’t contribute much compared to existing runs imo. Would be pretty much like the crowbar run, but with damageboosts.

I imagine a 100% run to be pretty awesome. Would be completely new routes, styles and areas that never is used in normal runs. Exact ammo planning, much aiming and other cool stuff.
But also there is some problems, like monsters that are impossible to kill, and infinitly respawning monsters.
And ofc, it’s hard to verify that all monsters actually was killed.

I imagine it would take 2-3 hours. But at least the first few chapters would be nice to see.
My favorite quake 100% demo:


No. I just think a 100% run would be more entertaining than 0%.


Speedrun the game using your feet only, POV view. Then I’ll be impressed. ;D


Could you really 100% HL2 seeing as there are monster that never cease to spawn (antlions)? Or perhaps you can avoid spawning a single one by using some OOB route or so. Interesting indeed.


Ravenholm 100% run :o

You would have to know where every zombie spawns, and every headcrab hiding spot.


You can’t fly over ravenholm in less than a minutes :wink:


A pretty good example from quake.

Look how he know every position and every moment monsters spawn.
100% running in quake is ofc easier since you know if you killed all enemies or not. And also their mod that shows current number of killed monsters.

I think there is a few places with infinitely spawning headcrabs in HL1. And just after the testchamber there is a crab behind a glass…


that headcrab behind the glass can be killed, but it would be a huge waste of time (going to kill the barney to get gun, then coming back all the way.
And there is infinite grunts from first osprey in we’ve got hostiles, I dont think you can take down the osprey with current weapons (or can we? I think I saw someone taking one down with a shotgun once, but I’m not sure) so if we cant, it’s impossible to kill all grunts.
There is many places with infinite headcrabs (elevator in unforseen consequences, gonarch’s lair) but reaching a loading without having any headcrab spawned atm could be considered as 100% (example: at gonarch, the headcrabs have a delay to spawn, so killing one and reaching transition before it respawns could do the trick and at elevator, you bring them with you to loading and you kill them in the other map so they dont respawn)
I think there is also infinite alien slaves/controllers at first room of interloper, not sure if they are infinite or just spawns a lot of them.


Lols, I guess this idea won’t be possible then?


This would be much work to know exactly their spawning/respawning sequences, and building the route would be even more work, if anyone is up I could help testing some things, but final run would be very slow If I was part of it.


Headcrabs on both c1a1c and c4a2a and probably more places is spawned by trigger and will never appear at all if you not enter triggerzone.

c1a0c - The crab behind the broken glass can even be killed with crowbar. I meant the other one behind the full glass.
However, I found out that it can be killed with double grenade (see “Power Struggle” in the new BS run, grenadeglitch under door)
So you’d have to get grenades, then backtrack all the way back to the testchamber and kill that little crab, lol :>

I’d like to run at least Unforeseen Consequences 100% some day.


omg yes didnt think of that headcrab, and it would not be possible to come back with grenades, or do you have a way to make it back in computer room after getting out by the vent? I mean the room with falling computers and a possible propboost chair.
a 100% run would kill only killable monsters, and probably chapter by chapter.


Ok I decided to give it a try, this is my first try (single-segmented) of unforseen consequences 100%. I started after the broken test chamber since all speedrun skip the other part anyway, and I decided to not kill headcrabs behind glass and the 2 headcrabs waiting to get out of the vent at elevator, because to kill them I had to pull the lever and that triggered infinite of other to appear. This is not a final version, nor it is perfect. please watch with hlspbunny and tell me if I forgot an alien. btw, I also decided to kill allies XD


It seems it’s possible to kill headcrabs in early levels.

Just get the gun and go to the eli room where the headcrabs are. Simple as that.


one of them is behind unbreakable glass, cant be killed without grenades. and anyway, all speedruns start unforseen consequences AFTER than spot so I didnt count it.


Unforseen Consequences, 4:16

Since I am the runner, and I am a beginner, this is far from perfect because of my lack of skills, but I think the route is really good. I am very happy with this demo. One single monster hasnt been killed, the headcrab behind unbreakable glass in the room with Eli. Quad found a way to kill this one, but it was nearly impossible in a single segment. This would imply going for grenades, then making all the way back and using a grenade glitch to get one in with the headcrab. The chances of getting the grenade glitch to work are very small, so single-segment make it almost impossible. All other monsters have been killed.

EDIT: Link to demo is now useless, just scroll down for youtube version. If you still want the demo there is updated link in youtube description. the youtube time is 3:58, way betetr than the demo up there.



Shouldn’t 100% mean kill all monsters, even those which may not spawn if you avoid the trigger? Could still just fly over Ravenholm and it’s triggers that way (as per example, I am not aware of the triggersituation in Ravenholm), therefore not spawning any zombies and therefore doing this so-called 100% run. You should hit all enemy-spawning triggers imo and kill all corresponding enemies.

That’s my objection against rule 4 (from the last part I understood that this rule does not only apply to infinite spawns).

PS: What about Barneys and Kleiners?


actually, you have misunderstood my rules (sorry if I have been unclear) but you must only avoid the triggers that spawn INFINITE of a unit, any other spawn trigger must be reached.
also, I originaly planned on killing all allies too to make it more fun, but Quad pointed that all other 100% runs (in other games) included only ennemies, and that some allies wont be able to be killed later in the game, so I removed this rule. Now you kill allies if you think you’ll be faster this way.



Too bad the allies and cockroaches don’t count towards 100% then :frowning: