1:22:57 WR in HL2 New Engine Any%



Thanks to the combination of new strats as well as not playing terribly, I managed to get a 1:22. Now I am on the road to sub 1:20 ;D


Wow just wow


Damn, epic.


Nice Gratz!

Because I’m Maxam I’ve looked at your run and made note of every place where you could have done some optimisations OpieOP Not trying to be rude or anything like that at all, I’m really glad you’re running this game, just wanting to share strats :>

Haven’t proof read it so it might be a lil funky. Notes while watching:

Trainstation 02:
Guard clip (abh into toggle duck abh into standing abh so fast!)
S-tap around corner
PogChamp you almost semi afh’ed pallet jump

Trainstation 06:
Fence clipbrush strats
no setup pallet jump

Canals 01:
No setup garbage container launch (do circle jump into toggle duck abh into standing abh right after the stairs)

Canals 02:
Dolphin skip circle jump

Canals 03:
Aim for ground hill (like dwahmov strat)

Canals 05?:
When lifting gate, circle strafe off the platform and start abh immediately (dont need to open gate fully)

Canals 06:
Maybe afh the beginning of dam jump map so to avoid the barrels more consistently

Canals 08:
No setup for gate skip (really easy with afh control)

Canals 09:
After getting through long toxic waste tunnel and you leave the water and go up to the side of the pipe, you can start abh immediately with a small circle jump

Canals 10:
I’ll link a video of strats here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHJBR_M1XbI

Canals 12:
AFH the tunnel to get the positioning you want and load save if failed since if you get the jump it saves a lot of time

Ravenholm map after the window:
Have setup to jump out the window like dwahmov and do a grenade boost when you’re out. Then use the revolver on the zombies instead of the smg grenade

Coast 01:
Start the map with a circle jump, toggle duck abh into standing S-tap and aim for a small hill on the ground (got video or demo for this) (you’ll go straight into the tunnel easily)

Coast 02:
Do the same thing here kinda, find the small hill and easily get a super good launch and maintain speed to next map (unless displacements)

Coast 05 (when leaving zombie tunnel)
Do Noir strat (slope of the ground straight out from the tunnel and then strafe left and afh to the big launch.

Coast 07 (something tells me my map names are completely off):
Grenade boost strat up to the clipbrushes and fly over the whole map

Coast 08:
No setup afh instead :^) and know about backup strats

Prison 01:
Right at start, take crate and climb up to the fence and clip down through the fence Kappa

Prison 04:
Do superior strats OpieOP (launch of the first thing instead of the second thing)

c17 01 (kleiners lab after tele cutscene):
There is a faster clip setup where you just go against the fence, look at the wall and then press E and then you can just jump on top of the table and crouch into it. (I like this as it keeps more “constant” variables)

Triple nade boost strat:
Skip it so you dont have to bring barrel from previous map
What you do instead of triple nade boost strat with barrel is a frag + smg boost onto the sloped roof and do another smg boost when hitting the roof (or alternate strat) (got demo or video of this)

Pixelwindow: Instead of going on top of fence, Right when entering the yard, lay out a nade and do frag +smg boost (gives time to save in air as well (pause strats might be helpful here sometimes)

Map after turret clip after smg boost over baricade:
Do toggle duck afh/ash to get ontop of truck more often

dwahmov launch map with snipers:
When you got that height, should have went to go up on top of roof and then done a jump + abh from roof to combine barricade

C17 12 (strider map with burning tree):
I found yesterday where to aim to make the tree launch super ez (aim far left without hitting the concrete wall and dont have to much speed, manage positioning with afh, not a lot of speed is required, also its very easy to do backup strat if you lose all your speed (just circle jump and abh over the gaps)

rocketman jump:
afh toggle duck to skip another strafe around jump : >

weapon phaser thing:
I dunno if this is cool or not but do nyu strat where you throw nades to lure guards so you can kill them and get smg greande, you can use that for delicious risky time save

Long abh run with strider trigger after orb launch:
afh that shit so you can pass through guards every time and even pass through the other set of guards like instantly as well

You can find some of the stuff I’m talking about here.
Also a video I just made randomly a while ago about trainstation 06 pallet jump: