Playing/cracking the original 2004 HL2 5 disc CD release


Recently I have been getting into collecting Valve retail disc releases. Obviously, I can’t run the original HL2 2004 5 disc CD release because of CD Key and old Steam. I know this is possible as it has been done but no one has really shared the knowledge. Yes, I am aware there is one made by BitRain available for download but I am only interested in running it from my disc. If anybody here has this knowledge I would really appreciate it if it was shared. P.S: If anybody knows how to crack the CS:S DVD (1 disc) that came with DoD:S and HL2:DM please comment too.


Hi C3H8O,

I can’t comment on playing the game from the disk, but you can rip the files from the CDs and add a steam emulator for it. I did this for the HL2 2006 holiday edition I got off eBay.

Thanks for your help as that is pretty much what I wanted to achieve but the steam DLLs have changed since 2004 and I don’t know where I would find a Steam emulator compatible with original HL2.


Thank you so, so much for this you are a lifesaver! I saw your link on the original post but it’s dead now and returns a 503, I would still be very thankful if you were to post it.