HL2DQ (Verified Cheating)


Was just made aware of this thread by EightBit Rain. I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. Nobody at HL2DQ was aware of Bandit5k using timescale, at least not for certain. It doesn’t really matter at this point, what with HL2 being changed shortly after the run was released, later removed from SDA, and replaced with subsequent runs. However, I will say that for virtually every run that Bandit5k submitted to HL2DQ, there was a time within seconds of his submitted or achieved by somebody else.

From my perspective, I remember, during the Coast maps especially, how odd it was that he seemed to have perfect acceleration on every bunnyhop, and his movement was so smooth. They were some of the most fun and straightforward maps to run, especially with AHK, so I did try to beat his times and get one on the board, but he always managed to get one 1 or 2 seconds faster.

There was some controversy about timescale on the last ravenholm map with the train tracks. Me and Bandit ran this map separately while connected to TeamSpeak and talked about our progress. I remember he was had a british accent, I believe he claimed to be from the Team Fortress community (could be wrong), and he was extremely cocky on voice. He made it sound like he was so much better than me at that map, even though it sounded like a successful run was taking him much longer than the expected time. He submitted a run which showed him snapping to an enemy and blasting him with a shotgun, in a manner that was VERY suspicious. I have a very competitive online gaming background, so I know a good flick shot when I see one, but his took a curved, long winded and ridiculously fast path to the body that just looked like somebody put the game in fast forward. I called him out on timescale use and suspected him of possibly using it on previous maps, but he denied ever using anything. Lonerville told us that you could check the demo file and see if the timescale command was used, and there was nothing like that on the file that we could see. Still, we made him re-run the map because of how suspicious it was.

Basically, Bandit’s use of timescale maybe took about 10-20 seconds of time off the final run, probably less. It didn’t make the run shorter in any significant way, it was literally just one low-skilled guy trying to make himself look better than he was. Most of the coast and ravenholm maps would have had similar times by me if bandit never beat my time using cheats. If we knew for sure he used it, we would have gone back and re-ran each map, but it wasn’t able to be proven and didn’t seem viable based on the information we had. So, sorry that got in there, but I don’t think it really changes much at this point.


As far as knowledge about demos goes, there isn’t a way to tell if someone is using timescale or not based on just demos, if the timescale wasn’t changed during playback. So all the timescale accusations are based off of just looking at the segments and just gauging whether or not the mouse movement looks human. Personally I think this case is pretty cleat cut, as it’s very jerky and looks exactly what you would get from using timescale.

I did find a couple of strange things on the keypresses on some of his segments. Some of his runs seemingly contain pauses and there’s some instances where he releases a key and then it’s pressed again on the very next tick. Sometimes a key is even released and then repressed on the same tick(this was a bind related to moving right, not anything that would make sense to spam). I tried it myself for a little bit and the best I could do was 3 ticks and this was with just trying to focus on repressing the button as fast as possible. It seems pretty suspicious that this sort of thing would accidentally happen during a segment, which pretty tricky to do on it’s own if not impossible.


Bitrain made a test on how Bandit5k did the wallclimb one on of the ravenhom maps and the only way to replicate it was to use timescale with AHK.


If you ask me: ban him from any other speedrun.

As a cheater: you can’t trust a cheater.


Shame to hear this. I remember being so blown away by HL2DQ, and the Ravenholm section was particularly impressive. I was so amazed by the bit where he drops down the mineshaft and lands on the side of a barrel. But I guess other people could do that trick for real?


[font=times new roman]Yes, I’m the one that found that trick and did it successfully for the first time. He just posted a better time. Don’t remember how much faster, but most were within seconds. The RNG of the barrel really made the rest of the run difficult to get to, but I imagine if he was using timescale it would help that a little.


I can imagine. That’s the one thing from the run that I haven’t been able to duplicate at least once (not that I really put a huge amount of time into it). I don’t imagine you’d still have your 10 year-old demos anymore? We could always re-render the run without any of his times, which would reinstate dq’s integrity, if you so desired.




Not those, I meant his demos that bandit ‘beat’.