Half-Life: Done Enormously Warped

Its FAST, real fast.


Anyways, is there a chance to see a trailer / new tricks showcase or something in the future?

Yea, ofc there will be something like that

It’s been a while since the last update. So here is what happened:

On September 4 we completely finished the route and were ready to begin doing segments.
We decided to use the latest Steam version (6513 build), because we had no need to use “special” command (for looping scripts, such as duckroll).
The amount of save warping in the run is going to be huge. There are only a few maps that we will have to do all manually (not counting the early game start), such as c1a1c.

By the 27th of September we had done “Anomalous Materials” and “Unforeseen Consequences” up until c1a1c, the chapter’s last map we had to do with no warping. This is where the run died for ~2 months.
One of the reasons is that there were a few other projects I had to work on (SourceRuns boat video, new ytp). So, I was focused on them and didn’t control the process of the run.

On December 8th we finally finished c1a1c and managed to do it faster than HL21, even with bhopcap! This was a big morale rise, and the progress of the run continued.
As today, we had finished “Office Complex” and “We’ve Got Hostiles”. A little spoiler: the last one (c1a3 map) is done in only 2.446 seconds!

So, we are happy to continue working on the run!
Stay tuned :ok:

:ok: Cool

Quick update.

We have finished “Blast Pit” chapter with a great timesave of 3 maps being completely skipped: c1a4f, c1a4d and c1a4e (excluding revisits to the maps we’ve already been to).

We got stuck on c1a4j (last map before “Power Up”, which we had to do normally inbounds) for about a month due to New Year holidays and my departure.
However we still managed to complete it faster than HL21 by ~0.6 seconds. Additional 0.1 second was saved in “Power Up”.

Currently we are working on c2a2, the first map of “On A Rail”, which is planned to be completed inbounds likewise.

February progress

This month was certainly the most productive we’ve had. While working on segments where we needed to move around, runners were in a hard competition. A great number of hours’ve been spent on pulling milliseconds out and finding faster ways to complete small parts of the game. This is exactly what I wished to happen in our run.

We’ve finished 3 chapters: “On A Rail”, “Apprehension” and “Residue Processing”. The timesave over HL21 on those chapters is tremendous. Speaking of previously mentioned c2a2 map, firstly it was done inbounds in 6.122s, which is 0.092s slower than HL21. Later on, we figured out a ridiculously easy way to shave off 4.1 seconds by using OoB movable c1a4j map.

Anyways, stay frosty, guys. It’s on!

WOAH We’ve just published the trailer on SR channel, check this out:


don’t know who made the trailer but good job because it looked amazing :slight_smile:
really excited to see this run

The trailer was done by Shar, according to the YouTube collab info thing. And yeah, it’s really awesome :ok: :fire:

100 aa ?

10 aa

Brief update, just to show what we’re working on.

Currently we’re stuck on c3a2d - the last Lambda Core map (right before Xen). There is a very difficult segment going: ultra precise and random NPC abuse with barney by throwing a nade in a such a perfect spot while ground-strafing, praying to RNG so barney will react like we need and at the same time grabbing all the necessary weapons (which are in two different rooms), doing a gauss charge for a quickgauss shot, making a good prestrafe with a jump into the silo door to fit it perfectly! And everything has to be in one sitting, because if we saveload, the NPC abuse won’t work!

The next segment is also unpromising and I suspect we will get stuck on it too. But hopefully soon we will be done with those ones, and will start out with Xen.

good luck then


As you have probably noticed - we are late with our first deadline. First of all, we apologise about that. The fault of this mainly belongs to me - for about half a year I was focused on some other IRL things.

But, we are back again! 2 days ago we moved on from that notorious “Xen” chapter (aka c4a1 map), and we have just started 3rd map of Gonarch. Besides that, our labor force has increased - 2 more runners already have each one a segment! We hope to be able to continue working in the future from now on - maybe not actively as we were, but still.

Unfortunately, I leave on the 15th of Februrary for 1.5 weeks. I promised, that till that day, I will be directing HL:DEW in my free time.

Thank you for waiting our run and giving motivation to continue,



I am not disappointed.


“Gonarch’s Lair” is finished in 6.043 seconds. We are on c4a1b - second “Interloper” map. If the progress we have right now stays the same, the run can be finished in a month (not counting rendering, etc).

Stay tuned

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Wow, beat HL21? Nice. GL.

P.S. Is there a chance of TAS run in the future?

The run is finished. The final time is 06:25.572.

We’ve already started rendering the run. The “progress bar” of rendering will be on the spreadsheet soon. http://goo.gl/ggjI9H


The release date of Half-Life: Done Enormously Warped is the 15th of July, next Sunday. Stay tuned for the exact time of the live event on SourceRuns Twitch.