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Can someone link me to the download with the Steam to files in it? i accidentally verified my game and can’t find the link to the downgrade.

I’ve tried the “Half-Life Patch” on steam and version and neither of them work giving me errors.


can someone pls explain me how the Duckroll and the Usespam scripts for the WON version work it always tells me :

Alias name is invalid

changing the “name” in the alias alos doesnt work


Seems like you’re not actually running a WON version.

Are you using the WON launcher from GoldSrc Package? You have to use normal scripts there.

Also, why not just use Bunnymod XT?


ive been told to just download the goldsrc pack and use the won version in there for normal running of the game ???

all i know is the goldsrc pack and NGHL but apparantly NGHL is no longer used

EDIT: im using BXT+WON


soooooo? no respond?


Follow this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DQsnVo5A7s&list=PLfgEKs1V0wWc3A6kymkCzloHYTkwcsGYY


didnt change anything, re installed evrything and im still getting the same error


You can’t use those scripts on the latest Steam engine that’s present in the GoldSrc package. Follow that video Traderain posted to set up BXT and stuff and use +bxt_tas_autojump and +bxt_tas_ducktap.


i want script fast attack


me too please


Hello, I’ve done some searching and I haven’t been able to find a solution to my problem.

Using GoldSrc Package 1.33, Half-Life (WON) batch launcher, with Bunnymod XT injection.

Game sometimes closes upon picking things up… medkit, battery, ammo, weapons. A bit of google tells me it might be my suitvolume set too high, but that’s at zero. Another thread mentioned using D3D instead of OpenGL, but that option is not available to me in the game.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


Either does this not work for me, or i am too stupid to get its usage. Can somebody please explain to me, what should be happening / what the aliases should exactly do?

I was expecting a script which Pauses on e and resumes by clicking mouse2, but that not how it works for me.

Running NGHL with RCD and BunnymodXT

Thanks in Advance.

edit: up to the point where the crowbar is picked up first i got no crosshair. any way to fix this?


can i speedrun this game if i only buy half life or do i need more? (blue shift, ect.)


You can launch the games you own, like Half-Life but if you don’t own Blue Shift or Opposing Force they won’t launch properly until you buy them on Steam.


So i have some issues with bunnymodXT.
the debug console says i’m missing some dll’s, but to get those i’m missing the vc_redist.x86.exe that a few setup guides refrenced to.
even on top of that when the game does launch the mouse goes crazy, if i hover over any of the main menu buttons it repeats the sound over and over again and the mouse click doesn’t work properly, i couldn’t find a solution on the net so i could use some help here.



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Hey, guys, my Half Life WON freezes, when i inject BXT(I inject it in menu, then try to start the game, then it freezes). What i must do?


No idea, but perhaps show us the BXT console log, might be helpful.


thx, but it somehow fixed without me