Half - Life 2 Gravity Gun only single segmented run


Any help would be cool for the next part because its hardcore af.


I should try this out more, the drive folder is updated.


Here’s a route…
Not very fast but it gets you through the map. If you get lucky the manhack can clip through the gate pretty fast and you can just throw the barrel at him, but that doesn’t seem to happen very often. I also managed to break one of the planks by smashing a barrel against it, but haven’t been able to get it again yet.


(probably) faster route: youtube

Breaks the one segment per map, but oh well.


Well, In order to finish the run without the grav gun it would involve lots of clipping so it doesn’t matter anyway, cool route, I’ll try this later.


quote=“Frantic, post:39, topic:2691” faster route: youtube

Breaks the one segment per map, but oh well.[/quote]
This is cool man!


Shame we can’t clip to the loadlevel trigger.


If you jump over this trigger the combine wont spawn so you wont be harrased while wallclimbing.


I could run cutscenes for you guys, their execution is some of my favorite.


The segmnets are public so feel free to contribute,


I will try for sub 6:30 on Red Letter


But we’re on canals_03 already.


Okay I can run Eli, and maybe a bit of Entanglement


Well, due to DQer there isn’t much progress with this run so you may have to wait a bit for cutscenes.


Hey, that gives me more time to practice, right :slight_smile:


I decided to try canals_03. I’ll add the demos to the Google Drive later.
Link (Includes demos and saves): http://puu.sh/nj9MF/8f758236c3.rar
Demo Info Time: 152.085

Before I end up redoing this, are we using scripts for the run?


yeah we are


sorry for flooding the drive

I finally got a time that I can be happy about. The files are on the drive.
Time: 119 (approx.)


Those who would like to participate please msg me on discord or leave a msg here and I will add you to the discord chanell.


A little update.
We restared the run and we are on d1_canals_05 now.
If anyone wants to help us hit me up on discord or here and I’ll add him/her to the channel.
We have a spreadsheet now too: