GoldSrc Package 2.4

im trying to run the.bat file and it keeps saying ‘LoadLibrary failed. This usually means that you don’t have BunnymodXT.dll in the same folder as the injector.’ I cant seem to find the bunnymodXT.dll anywhere. Any help??

When using .bat files I don’t have bxt_hud commands even though i have latest version of January 4th 2020. If i launch the steam version I have been using before I have bxt_hud commands. Any help?

EDIT: Also missing commands such as bxt_autojump_prediction and bxt_bhopcap_prediction

EDIT 2: _special command does not exist in game, but the regular special command does.

I try to run the .bat and appears an error message with “could not load hw.dll”. Any help?

Ok, everything works fine but for some reason, Opposing Force and Blue Shift doesn’t have any music, i already tried 1.36 version and nothing, help me please

Hey. Im having this problem where everything seems to be working but for some reason i have crazy amount of input lag. pls help.

My game crashes when i try to load a map, anyone know how to fix this?

I have been trying to launch half life won and it wont launch and all it says is “checking for BXT updates” for a sec and closes

there’s a tiny problem.
in half-life WON version, there’s this one loading zone in unforeseen consequences that freezes the game and forces me to restart my computer to close the program. i don’t know how this happened.

a bit of additional info:
it’s after you kill your first bullsquid (after the headcrab elevator)

help me out when i try to turn hl on it errors

New to speedrunning, but it seems I can’t push the sample into the beam (using the WON version).

Edit*: It appears it does work, just not if you quickload in the same map.