GoldSrc Package 2.2


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GoldSrc Package

The purpose of this is to create an all-in-one package which contains the essential files needed to get started running GoldSrc games/mods. It’s basically the GoldSrc equivalent to the Source Unpack.

It is based on the 4554 client because this is currently the most optimal when used in conjunction with YaLTeR’s Bunnymod XT.

Client Info:

Protocol version 48
Exe version (valve)
Exe build: 16:05:41 Jun 15 2009 (4554)

Games/Mods Included

  • Half-Life - Original, unmodded Half-Life
  • Opposing Force - Original, unmodded Opposing force
  • Blue Shift - Original, unmodded Blue Shift
  • Half-Life (WON) - Mod containing client and server DLL files from the (pre-Steam/WON) version of Half-Life; replicates version for use on a stable engine, with compulsory variables added for legitimacy
  • Opposing Force (WON) - Mod containing client and server DLL files from the (pre-Steam/WON) version of Opposing Force; replicates version for use on a stable engine, with compulsory variables added for legitimacy
  • Gunman Chronicles - Original Gunman Chronicles with the community-made Steam patch and Lesterre’s city2a HUD fix

NOTE: You need to own Half-Life, Opposing Force and Blue Shift on Steam in order to play those games.

Tools Included

  • Bunnymod XT - Cross-platform external injection software, provides additional speedrun-related features such as in-game timer, speed info, etc.
  • RInput - External injection that fixes some mouse issues

Download (latest)

Download (1.35)


Simply extract the ‘GoldSrc Package’ folder anywhere on your hard drive (for example “C:\Games\GoldSrc Package”) using a program like WinRAR, then use the .bat files to launch whichever game/mod you want to play.

Please leave any feedback/suggestions you may have in this thread.


  • v1.1
    Added missing WONDLL.dll to ‘Half-Life’ directory
    Fixed download link access issue
  • v1.2
    Added missing models to Opposing Force WON
  • v1.3
    Removed userconfig.cfg from valve_WON and gearbox_WON (replaced with WON.cfg to keep compulsory variables out of the way)
    Added autoexec.cfg to valve_WON and gearbox_WON (containing ‘exec WON.cfg’ to execute compulsory variables on game launch)
    Added ‘clockwindow 0’ to WON.cfg as a compulsory variable (wasn’t present in original engine)
    Updated BunnymodXT.dll to latest version (Aug-18-2015)
  • v1.31
    Removed ‘clockwindow 0’ from WON.cfg (not necessary as it no longer has any effect)
    Added Visual C++ Redistributable (x86) installer in case of missing DLL errors when launching BXT
    Added a line on how to install the package in README.txt
  • v1.32
    Updated BunnymodXT.dll to latest version (Feb-13-2016)
    Added “Check for updates” shortcut that points to BXT releases page
    Shortened download link through in order to view click count statistics
  • v1.33
    Updated BunnymodXT.dll to latest version (Sep-4-2016)
  • v1.34
    Updated BunnymodXT.dll to latest version (May-31-2017)
  • v1.35
    All .bat files now launch the respective game/mod, BXT and RInput all in one
    Renamed autoexec.cfg in WON mods to userconfig.cfg as fps_max doesn’t get executed on game start otherwise
    Updated BunnymodXT.dll to latest version (Aug-11-2017)
    Removed ‘demo’ maps from Gunman Chronicles
  • v2
    Changed client version to 4554 (Jun-15-2009)
    Removed ‘sound’ folder from valve_WON
  • v2.1
    Updated BunnymodXT.dll to latest version (May-31-2017)
    Removed ‘demo’ maps from Gunman Chronicles
    Added ‘clockwindow 0’ to WON.cfg to replicate WON client
    Updated BXT Wiki link in README.txt
    Altered fps_max value in WON.cfg to 100 due to pre-fps fix
  • v2.2
    All .bat files now launch the respective game/mod, BXT and RInput all in one
    Renamed autoexec.cfg in WON mods to userconfig.cfg as fps_max doesn’t get executed on game start otherwise
    Updated BunnymodXT.dll to latest version (Aug-11-2017)
    Updated README.txt to include known issues

I Need Help With The WONPack
Can't properly record demos.

downloading now! Nice one!

Edit 1 - not sure if its just me, but there still seems to be a speed cap on HL even with Bunnymod XT

Edit 2 - WON versions dont seem to be working either, WON dll errors.

  1. bxt_bhopcap 0; bxt_bhopcap_prediction 0
  2. oh shit it might actually be broken

  1. Like Cone said, you can use BXT commands to remove the bhop cap, however the WON versions are included so that you don’t have to do this (it’s more legit that way since the versions are separate and stuff doesn’t get mixed up).

  2. Looks like I forgot to include WONDLL.dll in the Half-Life folder, updating.

EDIT: Here’s the missing file so that you don’t have to re-download the entire thing once it’s updated, just place it in the ‘Half-Life’ directory:

EDIT2: Updated.


Actually still getting model errors on the WON version of Opposing force, any fix?


Weird, could’ve sworn I already copied the models over. Anyway, as a fix for now you can just copy the ‘models’ folder from the ‘gearbox’ folder over to ‘gearbox_WON’.

EDIT: Updated.


Could someone explain the best way to install this?


Extract it to any folder anywhere and run one of the .bat files, or make a shortcut out of one of the .bat files and run it that way.


Ok, but doing so results in me getting the message “failed to initialize authentication interface” while running any of the .bat files.


That message usually occurs if you either don’t have Steam running or you don’t own the game you’re trying to play on Steam.


Thats weird. I own all of them except for blue shift and i’ve had steam running:S


v1.3 is now available. With this update comes some very minor changes to configuration in the WON mod folders and latest BXT is now included.


1.31 - Fixed a few things; added VC redistributable in case of missing DLL errors when launching BXT. Removed ‘clockwindow’ from WON.cfg as it doesn’t have any effect in this engine. Added a line in the README to explain how to install the package itself. Thanks to quad for pointing out the clockwindow thing and suggesting the install line.


Hey, I’m new to the HL speed running stuff and am trying to use this for the WON version, but it doesn’t seem to be removing the speed cap. I’m confident enough in my bhopping ability that I’m sure I’m not messing up and I can’t seem to find any console command to tell me my current speed (like “cl_showpos 1” in newer source games) that way I could better verify and keep track. Any help with this would be great! Thanks!


You can inject BXT (included in the package) and type bxt_hud_speedometer 1 in console to see your speed. The speedcap is 544ups.


Awesome thank you! It must have been fov differences that made it look like I wasn’t going as fast.


Hey guys, I had an issue and four questions:

Issue: ( BXT: [hw dll] errors? no timer in-game etc etc… Windows 8.1 Pro x64 )

q#1: Am I allowed an autoexec.cfg modification, to contain all my binds and stuff? I don’t use WASD, I use UHJK and I don’t want to enter console stuff every time I load hl1.

q#2: I’ve tried reading up on it, but I still can’t get the correct difference between RTA and SS - I would like to do runs in the future in one go without loads ( but the initial map load of c1a0 doesn’t break SS does it? ) - so now you know I want to do runs in one go after practice, is that SS or RTA?

q#3: Are my extra params allowed? ( monitor hz, stretched, custom res )

*“GoldSrcPackage1.31\GoldSrc Package\Bunnymod XT\Injector.exe” *GoldSrcPackage1.31\GoldSrc Package\Half-Life\hl.exe -game valve_WON -noforcemparms +map c1a0 -stretchaspect -full -w 1088 -h 810 -freq 148 -exec autoexec.cfg
*"*GoldSrcPackage1.31\GoldSrc Package\RInput\RInput.exe" hl.exe

q#4: Am I allowed to use mouse acceleration, via a program I writ in C++ which uses a SIGNED driver ( Interception library ) - at most it’s written to grab mouse input, and alter it, then send it back before games receive it ( I also wrote something to cut out mouse errors like dust, which of course could be removed, but idk, I don’t see why not, but I also see why this could be borderline/rejected ) - I just love accel, I’ve used it for probably all 17 years since hl1. :stuck_out_tongue: without even realising.

Thanks guys, I’m very excited to do this seriously, or just casually too.


#1: Yes

#2: RTA = Loading saves mid-run, SS = Not loading saves mid-run. No, loading the map c1a0 doesn’t break SS, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to even start the game.

#3: Yes


Okay thank you! So I’m guessing my own accel. app. is a no go? Even if it uses a ‘signed’ driver to manipulate the mouse input and output it differently based on the acceleration amount you want?

I wouldn’t mind an answer to this, but after trying some runs already, I am indeed enjoying hl1 without accel. at the moment, it would just be a more consistent setup across all games if it were allowed now (perhaps), and well, something my hand would be more accustom too.

SS sounds pretty awesome, I looked up some armored core speed runs, unfortunately, I was expecting some awesome stuff, but instead, just people failing missions purposely to progress the game faster, not much to watch at all. I think I’ve enjoyed watching speed runs more live on AGDQ for example rather than these proof videos.

Thanks again! I think it was you PJC, not entirely sure now, but I watched an opposing force run, that was my favourite hl1 game, that was pretty awesome.


The driver being signed has nothing to do with whether it’s legitimate for speedrunning. It could very well be doing things that give unfair speedrunning advantages.

The only way your custom program could be legit is to have others study it carefully to make sure it’s not giving you any unfair advantages. I personally would be “nervous” about an external tool like that.