GoldSrc Package 2.1


I’m not sure what the base version is going to be exactly yet, other than a lot smaller than the normal version. I’m currently gathering ideas.

Sounds that already exist in ‘valve’ don’t need to be copied to any other mod folders because every mod looks to that folder for them if they don’t already exist within their own directories. This is not the case for ‘gearbox’ however (hence why the same sounds exist in both ‘gearbox’ and ‘gearbox_WON’).


There are currently sounds in valve_WON as well, might want to look into that :smiley:


Hi there, I wanted to ask something.

Does this work with the non-steam version? If not, is there any version that works with non-steam Half Life? Because I don’t have moneys to buy Half life in steam.


You can use NGHL if you set it up like explained here:


It says “Invalid Guide”


Thanks mr griffin

New link:


v2 is out:

The package is now running on build 4554 from June 15th 2009 due to an ability to maintain gauss charges when loading saves on this version; this trick is legit to use as it also works in the original WON client/s. It also has D3D which could be useful for anyone using NGHL previously for that reason. A downside to this version is that “extra” saves do not exist, for example you won’t be able to use “load quick01”, so if you wish to continue using this you should stick with 1.33 (I’ve left a link to that version in the OP for this reason).



Updated to latest BXT, removed demo maps from Gunman Chronicles so the map order now replicates the original released game, added clockwindow 0 to WON.cfg since it actually makes a difference in the 4554 client and updated the BXT Wiki link in the package’s README.txt due to it being moved to the BXT GitHub.

Also updated the latest Steam package to include the latest BXT so that it can be used to submit legit leaderboard runs, hence the new 1.34 version labelling.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that 2.1 also has it’s fps_max value changed to 100 in WON.cfg due to the fps fix not existing there.


I wonder, why scripts not working in WON version (even WON version scripts) this


You are replying in the GoldSrc Package thread, so I’m assuming you’re using the package and not the actual WON client. Scripts typically depend on the engine features, and since the GoldSrc Package runs on a much newer GoldSource engine, some of the WON features necessary for these scripts are not present.


how to bunnyhop now in goldsrc package 2.1 won steam
scripts bhop dosen’t work now


bind mwheeldown +jump


I wan’t Script Autobhop like alias bh1 “+jump;alias bh@ bh2;special”


bxt_autojump 1


Windows Defender detects the Injector.exe file in BunnymodXT as a Trojan Rundas.b. I assume that this is a false positive due to same way that the injection works, but I would appreciate more information about what is going on.


It’s probably a false positive, the injector hasn’t changed in ages and it wasn’t detected before. I also heard other reports of it getting flagged recently.


Everything is good but, on google drive it takes a shit ton of time to download… Why not use torrent or something


I imagine you’d be more than welcome to start seeding your own torrent, but the trouble is a torrent can only stay up if several people can continue seeding it, and I don’t know if anyone really wants to. also you don’t need to quote the entire post ???



Downloaded and installed the package as instructed. However, when I start any of the bat files, I get the following error: W_LoadWadFile: couldn’t load gfx.wad. Any help would be appreciated.