Decals Missing in Demos on Playback


Looked around before asking this. Hopefully someone has an answer.

Decals that exist on a map (blood, bullet marks, scorches, etc.) before recording a demo do not appear when playing back the demo, but decals that are created during the recording still show up on playback. So far, I’ve noticed this problem exists on both build 4554 (Jun. 15 2009) and build 6153 (Aug. 29 2013) and the expansions.

Are there any workarounds for this, whether before recording or during playback? I’m sure there is, but my research has failed me so far. I strongly prefer to record/archive my footage via demos so I can always remaster them later, so anything would be helpful.


Just gonna answer my own question lul

A decent method for singleplayer-based demos, create a save ( ex: save NAME ) just before you record a demo. Retrieve and archive the .SAV files along with your .DEM files (both found in game’s directory). All decals loaded in the savepoint will carry into its associated demo via playdemo or viewdemo .