Can't ABH in HL2OE?


I just got spt on my hl2oe, and now I have learned I can’t ABH. I can make it so I can walk forward fast, (It’s a SPT command) but I cannot ABH. Please help me, and thank you in advance. kind stranger(s)


ABH/AFH/ASH it’s trick only for New Engine. Use Blamod Reborn (it will already be as modification for Half-Life 2, for it separate game:

this Blamod includes functions of a new and old Engine. update: Here the playlist with all new strats of runners which speedrunning New Engine Out of Bounds category i made to you:


But personally in my opinion I would recommend use New Engine, because route with new glitches as Yesclip/Quickclip/RLD Skip it is easy to learn and HL2 New Engine Scriptless (w/o SPT and others scripts) faster than HL2 Old Engine w/ scripts and Save Warping. How to setup New Engine:

  1. Download Ghosting Mod -> , 5135 Maps for Ghosting Mod ->!r0MFhD5J!nXbMw1djHTOA3G6f01-utxMfFfIXBRFDoycb7Wix7A4 , Source SDK Base 2007 and HL2 in Steam
  2. Put “ghostingmod” folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods , delete in \ghostingmod\maps , after downloaded by you unpack and put “maps” folder in \ghostingmod\ . 3. Restart Steam and play!