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General / Re: GoldSrc Package 1.33
« Last post by YaLTeR on Today at 11:23:00 »
Thanks mr griffin

New link:
Introduce Yourself! / Re: Paradox's Obligatory Introduction Speech
« Last post by Traderain on Today at 08:22:26 »
Hi there  :) ! Glad to see another coder coming to the site. What are you working on at the moment? Also if you wana interact with us better, check out our discord if you haven't done so yet:
Technical Support / Re: Weird spazzy textures in NGHL/HL
« Last post by Traderain on Today at 08:19:57 »
Every save, every server.
I would either try disabling your antivirus or reinstalling the game to a different folder.
General / Re: GoldSrc Package 1.33
« Last post by RIGGI on Yesterday at 17:02:15 »
It says "Invalid Guide"
HL2 Episode One / About the plug in c17_02b
« Last post by skusmet on Yesterday at 16:19:53 »
Hey, first post here so I'm sorry if this could have gone in an existing topic already.

I was watching a streamer doing a run in Ep1 and there was issue with shooting the plug out of the socket in c17_02b. Usually you would use an explosive I.E. SMG alt fire but in his run he wasn't getting the SMG so he had to shoot it manually or punt with the grav gun.

I decompiled the BSP and checked it out in Hammer and it seems this is the reason:

The part that is highlighted is the actual "breakable" part of the plug - aka the part you need to hit / shoot. But in front of it there is a phys box which I can only surmise is blocking bullets from hitting it head on. To add to that, the plug model is actually sticking out from the breakable phys box and will also block bullets from hitting the breakable entity.

So unless you want to use an explosive, you'll need to have some good accuracy and hit around the outside of the breakable physbox like you can see in the image.

In terms of in-game relativity, this is the area you want to hit:

As you can see, you basically don't want to hit the plug at all.

I'm not a SRunner but I dabbled with Source quite a long time ago and just wanted to try and figure something out for a cool community. This might be common knowledge or really irrelevant I don't know, but at least I can put that I tried on my headstone. ^_^

And a video finally just to show it working as discussed

Introduce Yourself! / Paradox's Obligatory Introduction Speech
« Last post by Paradox on Yesterday at 12:39:34 »
You know, I've been lurking this websites for years and I'm still surprised I haven't made an account yet.

Anyways, hey there. I'm Paradox. I've been on Steam since October 26, 2007. Used to play Team Fortress 2 a lot until about, I dunno', late-mid 2014? Since then, I've gotten more interested in to things like QuakeWorld, idTech, Goldsrc, and of course, Source. So far I basically know everything I have to about those engines, and every useless mod for them too at that.

I'm more of a multiplayer person, destroying and getting destroyed in games such as Team Fortress 1.5, The Specialists 3.0 HLDM, and AG. And if you're wondering, I play Goldsrc via Steam, not WON2 or any other separate master servers. Not really much of a speedrunner, at least not yet that is, but I figured since I know so much and how I'm learning game coding in college I might as well share what I know. After all, I like to consider myself more of a well-educated person of their trade rather than just someone who's straight up smart.

I guess that's all for now, and I'll be looking forward to my future experiences on this site. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to vomit my guts out violently because I don't like making awkward speeches like these.
Technical Support / Re: Weird spazzy textures in NGHL/HL
« Last post by redmemz on Yesterday at 11:26:56 »
Every save, every server.
Technical Support / Re: Weird spazzy textures in NGHL/HL
« Last post by Traderain on Yesterday at 04:45:09 »
Is only that save is corrupted or it happens no matter what you do?
Introduce Yourself! / Re: hey my dudes!
« Last post by Traderain on Yesterday at 04:43:45 »
Welcome! If you wana interact with us even more I recommend joining our discord here:  :) . Have a nice day!
Other Source Games and Mods / Re: Zeno Clash! new run!
« Last post by Traderain on Yesterday at 04:41:05 »
Looks nice! I didn't even know this game existed  :D . Gonna definetely check it out once I have time for it. In the meantime keep it up!  :)
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