Author Topic: They Hunger Episode 1 unfinished TAS  (Read 401 times)


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They Hunger Episode 1 unfinished TAS
« on: June 21, 2017, 08:33:07 »
I started this project in late May - early June but I rarely work hard on the project, the average time I spent every day was about 30 minutes per day. But now here we are. This is an unfinished full game TAS (map they2 to they7), made with BunnymodXT's TAS feature. Enjoy it!

- Timesheet:
- The TAS was made in 250 FPS ( rule)
- It was made on this version of They Hunger ( running on latest Half Life Steam version
- The TAS was split into two segments
- Download (Script, demos, segment file):
- The commentary, timer are added in the script file, you can use some text reader programs to see it
- This is what I can do, if you can improve it, just do it
- Special thanks to arianon and quadrazid for the previous segmented runs
- I will edit and add more information

I Dont know if I should draw up a plan of doing the rest of it but i think i should stop heer. maybe one day i will do it  :100: :fire: :ok:
Actually I can bhop (without script ofcourse)