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General / Re: GoldSrc Package 2.1
« Last post by mike on July 25, 2017, 09:51:36 »
I imagine you'd be more than welcome to start seeding your own torrent, but the trouble is a torrent can only stay up if several people can continue seeding it, and I don't know if anyone really wants to. also you don't need to quote the entire post  ???
General / Re: GoldSrc Package 2.1
« Last post by Pixel on July 23, 2017, 06:15:37 »

GoldSrc Package

The purpose of this is to create an all-in-one package which contains the essential files needed to get started running GoldSrc games/mods. It's basically the GoldSrc equivalent to the Source Unpack.

It is based on the 4554 client because this is currently the most optimal when used in conjunction with YaLTeR's Bunnymod XT.

Client Info:

Protocol version 48
Exe version (valve)
Exe build: 16:05:41 Jun 15 2009 (4554)

Games/Mods Included:
  • Half-Life - Original, unmodded Half-Life
  • Opposing Force - Original, unmodded Opposing force
  • Blue Shift - Original, unmodded Blue Shift
  • Half-Life (WON) - Mod containing client and server DLL files from the (pre-Steam/WON) version of Half-Life; replicates version for use on a stable engine, with compulsory variables added for legitimacy
  • Opposing Force (WON) - Mod containing client and server DLL files from the (pre-Steam/WON) version of Opposing Force; replicates version for use on a stable engine, with compulsory variables added for legitimacy
  • Gunman Chronicles - Original Gunman Chronicles with the community-made Steam patch and Lesterre's city2a HUD fix
NOTE: You need to own Half-Life, Opposing Force and Blue Shift on Steam in order to play those games.

Tools Included:
  • Bunnymod XT - Cross-platform external injection software, provides additional speedrun-related features such as in-game timer, speed info, etc.
  • RInput - External injection that fixes some mouse issues
Download (latest)

Download (1.34)


Simply extract the 'GoldSrc Package' folder anywhere on your hard drive (for example "C:\Games\GoldSrc Package") using a program like WinRAR, then use the .bat files to launch whichever game/mod you want to play.

Please leave any feedback/suggestions you may have in this thread.


- v1.1
  • Added missing WONDLL.dll to 'Half-Life' directory
  • Fixed download link access issue
- v1.2
  • Added missing models to Opposing Force WON
- v1.3
  • Removed userconfig.cfg from valve_WON and gearbox_WON (replaced with WON.cfg to keep compulsory variables out of the way)
  • Added autoexec.cfg to valve_WON and gearbox_WON (containing 'exec WON.cfg' to execute compulsory variables on game launch)
  • Added 'clockwindow 0' to WON.cfg as a compulsory variable (wasn't present in original engine)
  • Updated BunnymodXT.dll to latest version (Aug-18-2015)
- v1.31
  • Removed 'clockwindow 0' from WON.cfg (not necessary as it no longer has any effect)
  • Added Visual C++ Redistributable (x86) installer in case of missing DLL errors when launching BXT
  • Added a line on how to install the package in README.txt
- v1.32
  • Updated BunnymodXT.dll to latest version (Feb-13-2016)
  • Added "Check for updates" shortcut that points to BXT releases page
  • Shortened download link through in order to view click count statistics
- v1.33
  • Updated BunnymodXT.dll to latest version (Sep-4-2016)
- v2
  • Changed client version to 4554 (Jun-15-2009)
  • Removed 'sound' folder from valve_WON
- v2.1
  • Updated BunnymodXT.dll to latest version (May-31-2017)
  • Removed 'demo' maps from Gunman Chronicles
  • Added 'clockwindow 0' to WON.cfg to replicate WON client
  • Updated BXT Wiki link in README.txt
  • Altered fps_max value in WON.cfg to 100 due to pre-fps fix

Everything is good but, on google drive it takes a shit ton of time to download... Why not use torrent or something
General / Re: GoldSrc Package 2.1
« Last post by YaLTeR on July 18, 2017, 23:39:16 »
It's probably a false positive, the injector hasn't changed in ages and it wasn't detected before. I also heard other reports of it getting flagged recently.
General / Re: GoldSrc Package 2.1
« Last post by badbad on July 18, 2017, 17:17:02 »
Windows Defender detects the Injector.exe file in BunnymodXT as a Trojan Rundas.b. I assume that this is a false positive due to same way that the injection works, but I would appreciate more information about what is going on.
Technical Support / Source Unpack Stuttering
« Last post by BobTheJoeBob on July 17, 2017, 13:35:20 »
So I've been having some trouble with source unpack lately, specifically Portal, though the problem is also present in Half-Life 2. So I used to use source unpack to play portal about a year ago, and it used to work perfectly fine; ran at a solid 300 fps, but now for some reason, I get constant stuttering in the game with FPS fluctuations. Even the sound will cut out every few seconds. This problem is even present in the main menu. When I run the game through steam, it runs perfectly fine at a constant 300 FPS. I tried downloading the new version of source unpack, but the problem remained. Changing any of the graphical settings doesn't seem to make a difference.

Here are my specs:

Windows 7
Intel core i5 4670k
8 Gb RAM
GTX 970

Any suggestions?
Half-Life 2 / Re: Best DQer Comments
« Last post by Miekeypls on July 11, 2017, 13:56:45 »

General / Re: GoldSrc Package 2.1
« Last post by YaLTeR on July 3, 2017, 11:59:06 »
bxt_autojump 1
General / Re: GoldSrc Package 2.1
« Last post by njmdin05 on July 3, 2017, 07:47:12 »
I wan't Script Autobhop like alias bh1 "+jump;alias bh@ bh2;special"
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